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I'm not sure if the GOF book clears any of this up--but the DVD left me with a few questions:

  • What, exactly, makes Harry have the potential to be a "great wizard"? He doesn't really seem to know what he's doing much of the time--and his power level is a result of absorbing Voldemort's powers as an infant.

  • The Tri-Wizard Tournament, with a grand total of three tasks, takes the entire school year? And what's the point of competing in the first two tasks (and coming in second, first, etc.) if everyone advances to the third, where winner takes all?

  • Did you see anything in the Tournament that would give anyone "eternal glory"?

  • If you were the parent of any of the students kidnapped and sent to the bottom of a lake so they could be prizes in a contest, wouldn't you feel like bursting into Dumbledore's office and reading him the riot act?

  • Let's see--a handful of Death Eaters at the World Quidditch Cup, versus thousands of powerful wizards and witches in attendance, yet the latter flee? Apparently in the world of Harry Potter, overwhelming odds mean nothing.

  • Cedric, an accomplished wizard who, on his guard, is aggressively pointing his wand in a two-handed grip directly at Wormtail, can still be taken out in a second, no problem? Should I ever be scared of someone pointing their wand at me?

That said--I still got nailed in Goblet of Fire when I saw Filch swaying to the dance music with his cat. *sniff*
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